Pharmaceutical Packaging

Kemig company is the regional leader in pharmaceutical packaging. Being well aware of the strict requirements and sophisticated rules and provisions of the trade concerning the packaging in pharmacies and pharmaceutical industry, we are the only one who can offer quality certificate concerning our products as well as the Certificate of Conformity regarding the norms of the pharmacopeia!

If we wish to excel in the quality and different standards from the usual packaging,which we are obliged to by our profession, then our choice would be the CERTIFIED PHARMACEUTICAL PACKAGING consistent with the norms! We are the first-choice partner concerning such pharmaceutical packaging and raw materials and are, at the same time, the only authorized representative in the region for the largest and the most respectable producer of the pharmaceutical packaging with more than 40 factories worldwide! Stability, efficiency and harmlessness of a medicinal preparation may be guaranteed only in the case that the packaging thereof also conforms to the prescribed norms. Thus we invite you to be aware and to improve your pharmaceutical care in such a way that you ask for a Certificate of Conformity for each and every packaging concerning the necessities of pharmaceutical application for only in such a way we may protect it with our knowledge, professionalism and license.