Quality control – Analytics

In the Kemig's most contemporary equipped control-analytic laboratory, arranged in accordance with the latest requirements of the European pharmacopeia, perform a continuous analysis of all raw materials, tinctures and extracts, oils and essential oils from our assortment. All are submitted to a very strict and rigorous quality control and testing according to the thus prescribed rules and provisions.

We perform, daily, qualitative and quantitative analyses according to the most actual pharmacopeia Ph, Eur., BP, USP, DAB, ÖAB. HELVETICA etc. Analytical reports and the corresponding certificates can be seen at our web-site and following any such request from our customers. Kemig guarantees for each of its preparations correctness and the highest degree of quality owing to a special control finding – certificate. Only here you can obtain such full and reliable source regarding the substances we offer! We perform a professional analysis at the Kemig laboratory under the supervision of a pharmacist – specialist for drug testing and this is why the Kemig raw materials are of the highest and tested quality! Our raw materials reflect all the tradition, professionalism and value of the pharmaceutical profession. Only with a mutual cooperation are we able to raise the scale of the medical service quality, for the benefit of the health and therapy options of highest quality for our patients. Reliability and quality of our raw materials is continuously recognized by the pharmacies, hospitals, galenic laboratories as well as the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industry.