Pranarom products connect the pharmaceutical and the aromatherapy philosophy and, owing to its popular prices as well as to solutions to broad spectrum of health problems, it represents, convincingly, the most popular type of therapy in Europe.

Essential Oils With Markers

There is a large number of essential oils on the market; however, the guarantee for their therapeutic efficiency represents their “biochemical marker” (chemotype) defining the essential oils’ composition. Pranarom oils are standardized by their chemotype and have a pharmaceutical certificate.

Pranarom Cosmetics

Pranarom cosmetics belong to the neurocosmetics trend. Adaptogenic preparations are tailor-made exactly for your skin type owing to the adaptogenic essential oils of the same name acting, beneficially on the balance within the nervous system and the skin. Find your own Pranarom beauty elixir…


Pranarom guarantees with a 100% expertise of aromaceutics (a combination of aromatherapy and pharmaceutics) that the way to health and beauty is paved only with the most quality preparations we deserve !


Essential oils help not only in maintaining the beauty of skin but also in various medical indications. We intend to lead you in the new world of essential oils and new possibilities of aromatherapy like ultrasound aromadiffusion…