Therapy Strength of Natural Oils - oleoTHERAPY represents a peroral or local application of natural oils for help and care when treating certain difficulties… oleoTHERAPY line has been created in order to satisfy all necessities regarding health and beauty…

Centuries Old Tradition

Through the history, Oleotherapy was traditionally practiced by external application of oils on skin by the way of massage and compress all the way until the peroral application of herbal oils (black caraway, hackle etc.).

Rich Assortment of Products

oleoTHERAPY Kemig is a line of products which came out of Kemig’s expertise in work with natural and herbal oils through two decades. Choose for yourself from a rich assortment of products the most ideal oil for your difficulties or necessities! From Cold Pressed Till Organic Oils…. Look through the oleoTHERAPY assortment for the most ideal natural oils! Will it be a herbal or a fish oil? Cold-pressed, organic or refined? Consult with a professional expert and choose your own favorites for oleotherapy.

Under the Careful Eye of the Pharmacist

When there are numerous herbal oils on the market, some of them of very doubtful quality, it is of importance to recognize the natural oils of the highest quality, confirmed as such by the supervision of a pharmacist, a specialist in drug control!.

oleoTHERAPY has passed all such controls!


oleoTHERAPY catalogue : http://issuu.com/kemig/docs/oleotherapy_katalog_lowres