• oleoTHERAPY

    Therapy Strength of Natural Oils - oleoTHERAPY represents a peroral or local application of natural oils for help and care when treating certain difficulties… oleoTHERAPY line has been created in order to satisfy all necessities regarding health and beauty…

  • Pharmamed

    Pharmamed – Leader in Herbal Syrups ... The company Pharmamed became, through its many years of tradition, a leader in the production of herbal syrups of pharmaceutical quality. Besides syrups, its rich assortment includes also medicines, numerous food and cosmetic supplements, produced in accordance with the GMP guidelines.

  • Pranarom

    Pranarom products connect the pharmaceutical and the aromatherapy philosophy and, owing to its popular prices as well as to solutions to broad spectrum of health problems, it represents, convincingly, the most popular type of therapy in Europe.

  • Lavera

    Lavera, as a natural cosmetic, boasts with its innovativeness and quality, with numerous annual awards and awarded first places in Öko-Tests. It’s a leader among all the other manufacturers of organic natural cosmetics.

  • Laboratoire Cattier

    Laboratoire Cattier Paris is one of the most well-known names in the French BIO cosmetics with 40 years of experience in creating natural products for face and body care as well as for the personal hygiene . . .

  • Argital

    Argital is an Italian brand for natural cosmetics, well known for its ingredients from the biodynamic production with the Demeter Certification. The products contain green clay, pure essential oils and an array of other organic ingredients. Argital does not use preservatives, synthetic colors and synthetic fragrances, nor does animal testing of its products.

  • Cosmetic Packaging

    Are you looking for a creative solution concerning the packaging of your cosmetic line, or do you independently manufacture your own cosmetics?

  • Cosmetic Raw Material

    Kemig is, according to its assortment and its raw material choice, indisputably the regional leader, especially when we speak of worldwide actual active cosmetic ingredients.

  • Cosmetic Expertise in Kemig

    We stand at your disposal if you want to follow all trends in the cosmetic science and trade with full confidence of the fact that they are backed by scientific and clinical expertise as well as the pharmacopeial purity.