Returns orders are possible if the product is delivered to Fagron Croatia no later than the last date before the expiry date of 6 months for all essentials and brands (Fagron Brands, Pranarom, Argital, Florihana, etc.), or no later than the last date before the expiry date of 3 months for oleoTHERAPY and oils.

The return order must be submitted in advance to or by phone +385 (0) 1 204 33 22. After receiving return order, customer service will send a return order confirmation which must be delivered with the return goods. Returned items must be delivered in undamaged packaging with no price tags or bar codes. Otherwise, a refund will not be granted. Complaints regarding visible defects (inconsistencies in the type and / or quantity in sales order) are accepted within 8 days from delivery, as indicated on the invoice. Return orders of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) under Directive 2015 / C 95/01, Chapter 7, may only be received with physical evidence of the API raw material being stored under the conditions prescribed for it during the stay in your warehouse. For example, a temperature print or a temperature list. Returns of Medical Devices according to the regulation for good practice in wholesale trade of medical devices and conditions for entry in the register of wholesale medical devices (OG 125/13), can be returned (point 18.3. of the regulation) if:

  • they are in original, unopened packaging and well protected
  • the products are known to be kept and handled in accordance with the prescribed conditions
  • the remaining expiry date is acceptable
  • have been checked by the responsible person

Return orders for items linked to a marketing action with GRATIS products will not be accepted!